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Quality Assurance

We have made a strong presence in the market with high quality range of Gurkha Khukries, Antique Swords, Knives, Daggers, Helmets, Bayonets, etc. Our dedication for quality has enabled us to walk on the path of growth and success. High quality standards are adhered right from the procurement of raw material to the delivery of final goods. Our skilled and dedicated team of quality management tests the quality standards of the products using advanced tools before offering. Following are the features on which our products are tested:

  • Design
  • Shape
  • Finishing
  • Polishing
  • Luster
  • Sheen
  • Utility
  • Durability

Product Range


Sikh Sword

Gladious Flat Bone Handle

Rapier Sword

Sikh Sword In Persian Handle

Gladious Round Sword

Chinese Sword

Sword Stick

Marine Sword

Ceremonial Claymore Sword

Roman Sword

Masonic Sword

Apestilo Sword

Sword Of War

Mughal Sword

Grecian Sword

Rajput Short Sword

Viking Sword

Mongol Sword

Valiant Sword

Naval Cutlass Kathi

English Battle Sword

Antique Swords

Italian Sword

Claymore Sword With Star

Thai Sword

Hand & A Half Sword

Claymore Sword Without Star

Toldeo Sword

French Short Sword

Samurai Sword

Union Civil War Sword

Highlander Sword

French Falchion

Gupti Sword

Claymore Sleek

Indiana Jones Machete

Ecuadorian Army Sword

Basket Hilt Sword

Conan Sword

IPS Sword

Kriss Sword

Naval Cutlass

Salami Sword


Cavalry Sabre

Straight Chinese Sword

Private Cutlass

Dragon Sword

Broad Sword

Alucard Sword

Crusader Sword

Arabian Sword

Poignard Sword

Condottiere Sword

Dimedici Sword

Briquette Sword

Poignard Short Sword

Charlemagne Sword

Flameberg Sword

Knives/ Daggers & Khukris

Sikh Knives

Phantom Dagger

Marshal Bowie Knives

Arab Knives

Crocodile Knife

Indian Bowie Knives

Kelantan Kriss

Hospital Knife

Hook Knife

Persian Knives

Air Dagger

Sikkimese Knife

Dha-Burmese Dagger

Lomatic Knife

Scottish Dirk With Brown Wooden Handle

Combat Dagger

Kriss Knife

Scottish Dirk With Black Wooden Handle

Eagle Knives

Rifleman Knife

Dirk With Brown Wooden Handle

Eagle Knives Aluminum

Hunting Knife

Arkansas Knives

Bowie Knives

Swastic Dagger

Smithsonian Bowie Knives

Stiletto Knives

French Dagger

Attack Knives

Sigion Dough

Ecuadorian Miniature Knife

Khalwar Dagger

Kasmiri Knife

Gurkha Khukri Set

German Dagger

C.S.A Dagger/ Dirk Dagger

Nepali Khukri

Sikkim Khanda

Hicks Knife





Double Blade Axe With Design

Bruce Axe Double Blade

Saxon Axe


Hammer Axe With Box

Viking Axe Single Blade

Fancy Double Blade Axe

Knight Axe

Trident Axe

Halberd Axe

Swinging Mace

Viking Axe Double Blade

Swiss Axe

English Mace

Double Blade Axe With Star

Spontoon Axe

Bruce Axe

Hacking Axe

Lochaber Axe

Bush Axe

Bruce Axe Single Blade


Shield And Sword Set

English Mall Shield

Kite Shield Large

Scottish Shield

Body Suits/ Armors

Small Armor

Frock And Helmet Set

Armor Jacket

Full Size Armor

Chain Mail- Coif And Jacket


Valiant Gauntlets

Gauntlets Copper



Our enviable position in the market is the result of the painstaking efforts of skilled professionals. The hands of experience and talent of our team allows the association to meet the different demands of the clients with the best solutions. Our team includes craftsmen, designers, artisans and other creative staff. They constantly work to develop innovative designs that set new paradigms in the sector of defense, amours and so on.

In addition to team, we have a sound infrastructural base loaded with high end facilities. The base has all the necessary amenities like water, light and other utility to successfully meet the varied needs of our clients.

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